A mosaic of aromas and colours

The Madeira Collection, Roeselare, Belgium


Do you know madeira? For connoisseurs it is one of the absolute highlights of any wine cellar. One day, while enjoying a glass of Boal, a pair of Belgians got a taste for it. They bought a collection of madeiras at auction and that was that – they were in the madeira trade. The idea was to come out with a new collection each year, numbered from the year 2011, to go with the old madeiras. As you would expect, the first Madeira Collection wine was “1”. Ever since Alessandri Design & Brand Studio has created labels for each vintage in the unlimited Madeira Collection.


A visit to the Atlantic island revealed a rich floral bounty. Cordula went to see the manufacturer behind the Madeira Collection and got to know Ricardo Diogo V. Freitas and his Barbeito Madeira. Another success story…