A chip off the old bloque

Château de Roquefort, France


A wine like a holiday with friends. For the famous Côtes de Provence rosé from Château de Roquefort we went for a delicately uplifting look that captured the sunny attitude to life on the Cote d’Azur, while echoing the fresh and friendly s avoir vivre of its down-to-earth producer Raimond de Villeneuve.


As an entrepreneur and heir to the family estate, he cultivates his 25 hectares of Provence vineyards with characteristic mastery of craft and passion. E ffortless, emblematic and biodynamic. A perfect aperitif. The wine, we mean.

Weitere Projekte

The rebel from the Côte de Provence

Château de Roquefort, Wine

Like a phoenix from the ashes

Château de Roquefort, Wine

Die Rebellion begann in Marseille

Château de Roquefort, Corporate