The most difficult client

Alessandri, Austria


Coming up with a corporate design for your own design agency is up there with the most difficult of tasks. On the one hand you want your own signature to shine through, but you don’t want to go over the top.


Cordula wanted to focus on the skilled craftsmanship on offer at the studio, so she asked dear AGI-friend and master graphic designer Clemens Schedler to come up with the Alessandri signature. After all, he signs his own letters with the most amazing signature we’ve seen. Clemens was on board from the start, but had one condition. Cordula had to go and buy a quill and pot of ink, and write out her name 100 times in the morning right after waking up and again in the evening just before going to bed, for a whole month. Clemens called the tune, Cordula played along. She relearned the fine art of writing.

The best signature is your own signature, voilà!

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