God bless the Englishman

Barbeito Madeira, Portugal


It is widely agreed that Madeira is one of the greatest wines of them all and Ricard Diogo makes the best of the best, the Barbeito. For generations a caricature of a fat Englishman has adorned the bottles. He is as much a part of Barbeito as Madeira is to the island, but it’s the English that made the drink the global phenomenon that it is today. The brand strategy was clear enough,


And the little Englishman survived the Barbeito brand relaunch – albeit after dropping a few pounds, shedding a few years, and taking on a slightly more mobile aesthetic to deliver the kind of versatility that would provide a good fit for the extensive Barbeito range. Even the colour of his trousers was coordinated to match the different segments of the product pyramid.

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Barbeito Madeira, Wine

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Barbeito Madeira, Wine