Furbs, herbs and verbs

Gut Pössnitzberg, Austria


The hotel occupies the high ground in the gently rolling Styrian hills. Anyone who has yet to experience this fantastic antidote to the stresses and strains of everyday life should make up up for lost time ASAP. Life is good at the Landgut am Pössnitzberg hotel. Your eyes will be struck by the beauty of it all. And your ears too, because the loudest thing on the Pössnitzberg hill is the buzzing of the bees in the background.


So it makes sense that the corporate design that we came up with to capture the mood is every bit as chilled out. Easy moments of reflection in the countryside, captured in whimsical sketches and presented in conjunction with typically Styrian verbs such as pritscheln, kuscheln, schwitzen, aufgabeln.


Text concept: Peter Kaimer. Photography: Lina Kröncke (interior), Michael Königshofer (exterior & wellness).

Weitere Projekte

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Gut Pössnitzberg, Wine