Burritos para todos!

Max & Benito, Austria


A pair of economics graduates, a cook, an idea: Burritos para todos! Former businessmen Stephan Ronay and Markus Herpich and jefe de cocina Carlos Zuniga have declared war on the first district’s dearth of quality burrito and taco options: Hasta la victoria siempre.


Inspired by the sheer range of burritos to be found in California, they started wondering why no-one in Vienna was able to come up with the goods. And Austro-Mexican power duo Max & Benito was born. But who on earth are Max & Benito? One tall one short, one thin one fat, one Habsburg and one revolutionary. But they won’t be living la vida green together for much longer, those two. Comprende?


Once it was decided to create illustrations of the two gentlemen in question, a logo, product names, packaging and branding for the restaurant – as well as an inviting duo positioned at the entrance – completed the picture. You are muy welcome!


And here are the bickering boys in person.