Wein, Wein nur du allein

WienWein, Austria


“Let’s stick together” was the thinking a few years ago when six big-name wine producers – Michael Edlmoser, Thomas Huber, Rainer Christ, Thomas Podsednik, Gerhard J. Lobner and Fritz Wieninger – joined ranks to form WienWein. This highly productive Viennese group is responsible for various milestones, including a comeback for the Wiener Gemischter Satz blended wine.


And “Let’s stick together” is what we thought too when we spontaneously struck upon packing tape as a cohesive element of the new corporate design. A new logo, a new homepage, new packaging and even braces complete the picture and will be doing their bit from now on to raise the profile of Viennese wine. And we’re proud to say we’re part of it.