A force for the nation

RWA, Austria


Managers and employees of the Austrian Lagerhaus agricultural, builders merchants and DIY stores, together with the management board members and the divisional and departmental managers from Raiffeisen Ware Austria AG sat down with Gehrer Plötzeneder DDWS and rebranding institute Wien to develop a strategic process for up-and-coming potentials.


Due to the sheer variety of ideas and projects stimulated by this strategic process, the decision was taken to distil them into a handbook providing a source of ideas for all of the companies under the Lagerhaus umbrella, with a view to communicating the future spirit of RWA Lagerhäuser. This task was entrusted to Alessandri Design who compiled and designed a book – the ideas catalogue and manual for personal initiative. The dust jacket was designed as a perforated poster with shareable ideas on it. And an appendix contained a wheel which readers could spin to combine different statements and fragments for fresh ideas.