The wolf’s hill fetish

Domaine La Louvière, La Fontaine de Loups, France

As a design-savvy family, we work with top designers from all over Europe, including Philippe Starck, Phoenix Design and Hartmut Esslinger’s Frog Design. Cordula and her team work at a similarly high level for the wine industry.
Klaus Grohe


In 2011 Nicolas Grohe and Thore Könnecke decided to relaunch the Malviès growing area. They knew Cordula from her regular lectures at the BOKU (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences) in Vienna, and asked her to come and see the Malepère region for herself.


The rugged Pyrenean foothills, the bleak fortresses of the Pays Cathare and the name La Louvière (wolf’s hill) conjured up mystical images of otherworldly indulgence. And then there was the French film Le pacte des loups. Monica Bellucci in front of the mirror, a masked Vincent Cassel behind her and howling wolves in the background.

Weitere Projekte

Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Domaine La Louvière, Wine