Getting excited about Spiritus Vinosi Gruberialis

Gruber Röschitz, Austria

We went looking for something truly distinctive. Something unique. From the first meeting with Alessandri Design, we knew who we wanted to manage our account
Maria Wegscheider, Gruber Röschitz


A younger generation was taking over the Gruber vineyards as Maria, Ewald and Christian Gruber assumed responsibility for the successful Röschitz estate. Cue Alessandri Design & Brand Manufactory to ensure that the little helpers who are constantly at the winegrower’s side in the vineyards and the cellars get the attention they deserve: we call them the wine spirits, but it turns out they might actually be microorganisms. Invisible to the naked eye, you can usually only see them under the microscope. But now they adorn the wine labels, boxes, the website and merchandise.


When it comes to marketing wine, you need to make clear the different levels of quality. This was easy: each label features either one, two or three wine spirits. If the wine is unique, the label features only one spirit. After all, it takes personality to get to the top.

Weitere Projekte

Wine spirits in X-L-M-S

Gruber Röschitz, Corporate