Admirably aged aesthetic

Schloss Gobelsburg, Austria


What to do with a trove of wines that has been squirrelled away for 50 years – yes, you read that right: FIFTY years – in the deepest cellars of Schloss Gobelsburg? Get it crated up: which means carefully opening and re-blending the wines to craft a new collection of limited edition 50, 10 and 3-year-old cuvées. And yes, we know that blending vintages like this is pretty rare and something normally found only in the finest ports.


But for these “traditional” wines there was a precedent from 19th century oenological practice to follow. So, looking to pay due respect to our elders and betters, we came up with carbon copies of the original labels (complete with specks of cellar mould and a wonderfully dusty aesthetic) that even on closer inspection made them look like they could easily have been around for a couple of centuries .


Photos: © Herbert Lehmann

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