Vinicultural architecture

Schloss Gobelsburg, Austria


Michi Moosbrugger’s label was already as famous as the traditional wine estate itself. Which is why we were so pleased that he entrusted us with its redesign back in 2014. The classic nobleman’s estate designed by the Tyrolean architect Joseph Mungengast is the perfect complement to this elegant, self-assured  wine. That said, it is always important to bring even the most traditional success stories into the here and now. The art of a re-design project is to ensure that the changes in the new brand appearance are scarcely perceptible to the untrained eye. Even if in reality not a single stone has been left unturned. And that’s precisely what we managed to do. For us, Michi Moosbrugger’s faith in us and the value he placed on our work were the biggest reward of all. Thanks Michi!

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Schloss Gobelsburg, Wine


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