From Douro to Dão to Dado

Niepoort, Portugal


Inspired by an old idea of his father’s, Rolf Niepoort, Dirk got together with Dão valley winemaker Álvaro de Castro to create “the perfect wine”. Their innovative approach was based on mixing grapes from two different winegrowing regions, Dão and Douro. Blending the different qualities of the two regions resulted in a highly expressive wine, combining Dão freshness and elegance with concentrated Douro tannins and finesse.


Ever since, Dirk and Alvaro have been known as the DaDo boys. In Portuguese, dado means cube, and that made us think of Dada. At Alessandri Design & Brand Studio we followed our first instinct, and developed a Dadaist collage for the label that included representations of the winemakers’ noses – their most important tools. The design matched the character of the wine: captivating, witty and memorable.

Weitere Projekte

Weitere Projekte

Rejuvenating a classic

Niepoort, Wine