Huckebein the honour is all mine

Niepoort, Portugal


Dirk van der Niepoort, a Dutch Portuguese dynamo, had another of his amazing ideas: this time it was for a cuvée from the Douro valley, specially made for the German market bearing the German name “Fabelhaft” (fabulous). Alessandri Design & Brand Studio developed a comic strip label featuring Hans Huckebein, the hapless raven from the classic Wilhelm Busch story of the same name.


The cuvée was such a success in Germany that it didn’t take much persuading for Dirk to extend the concept to other countries. Soon cartoonists were coming up with new strips in dozens of countries, and new names in their own languages for the now legendary red wine from the Douro valley.


Today millions of bottles of wine such as Diálogo, Gestolen Fiets, Allez Santé, Ubuntu, Drink Me and Alonso Quijano are sold all over the world as part of the Niepoort Art Collection initiative.

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Rejuvenating a classic

Niepoort, Wine

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