On the threshold of a new era

Niepoort, Portugal


Douro wines were our first project with Dirk van der Niepoort, who represents the fifth generation of the traditional port producing family. Affectionately known as Mr Douro, he has earned himself a place in winemaking history.


When Dirk started buying up winegrowing plots in the Douro valley back in 1987 everyone thought he had taken leave of his senses. Particularly as he was snapping up higher north-facing pieces of land that no one else was interested in. He knew full well that northern slopes were nice and warm, but protected from the full ravages of the sun. Dirk wanted to produce wines that were a little less sweet, a little less dark and contained a little less alcohol. Highly drinkable wines, in other words.


And it was these wines that we designed the labels for. The perforations would go on to form the heart of the Niepoort wine corporate identity, including Dirk’s business cards: stamps printed by the national print works.

Weitere Projekte

Rejuvenating a classic

Niepoort, Wine

Weitere Projekte