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Niepoort, Portugal

Is Cordula actually an artist? Probably not – she’s much better. A bit of a card with a knack for finding the right employees, and an incredible eye for detail.
Dirk van der Niepoort


The van der Niepoorts are an old Porto family. Originally from the Netherlands, they consistently married German women and showed similar consistency when it came to looking after their port. For more than 150 years Niepoort has been synonymous with port production, with family members passing on their expertise from one generation to the next. The Niepoort cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia are a magical place where port wines are left to mature at their own pace. All of the strong traditions are maintained and the barrels, bottles and glass balloons handled with the greatest possible care to ensure that the result is always exceptional port.


Dirk van der Niepoort commissioned us to free the brand from the residue of time and give it a fresh new look. We kept the screen printing, but rejuvenated it to make our mark on a new generation of fantastic ports. Although Alessandri Design & Brand Studio changed everything, tradition continued to shine through in the design. The redesign was tangible, but not necessarily visible.

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Rejuvenating a classic

Niepoort, Wine

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