Vienna, Austria

We believe in the power of brands.


Alessandri Design & Brand Studio was founded in 1987 by Cordula Alessandri and Hans Proschofsky.


From the outset the studio has demonstrated time and again that it can develop brand concepts which go far beyond appearance  alone. When working with the Design & Brand Studio clients establish a solid foundation to take them a step closer to achieving their goals.


We see our role as giving companies the faith to go out and achieve at an international level.


Upscale Piscine Design

Domäne Wachau, Wine

Furbs, herbs and verbs

Gut Pössnitzberg, Corporate

Sparkling Signature

Sektkellerei Christian Madl, Wine

Wise and Wonderful

Hannes Sabathi, Wine

A chip off the old bloque

Château de Roquefort, Wine

Welcome into our bubble

Loop Lab Bio, Corporate

Tub duck

Gut Pössnitzberg, Wine

Bucolic tonic

Weingut Doktor Wunderer, Wine

Admirably aged aesthetic

Schloss Gobelsburg, Wine

Rolls Royce with a Styrian twist

Weingut Langmann, Wine

Historic showing

WEIN & CO, Wine

Fine tuning for fine dining

Aelium, Corporate

With all the senses

Philharmonic Taste, Corporate

Sweet and imperial

Schloss Schönbrunn, Packaging

Clean, clear and still sparkling

Schloss Schönbrunn, Packaging

From stamp to corporate design

Schloss Schönbrunn, Corporate

Refinement and cool elegance – bottled

Schloss Gobelsburg, Wine

Bartender’s best

Marshalls LQR, Packaging

Whirring wind wheel

Hannes Sabathi, Wine

Never pressed for ideas

Steinschaden, Wine

Break out the bubbly

Kattus, Wine

Think global, taste local

Evotec, Editorial


Allgemein, Corporate

Falter Ego

Hannes Sabathi, Wine

Simply fantastic

Hannes Sabathi, Wine

See and be seen

Josef+Maria, Corporate

Mine’s a Pitnauer

Pitnauer, Wine

These foggy days

Sabine Groschup, Editorial


Schloss Gobelsburg, Editorial

Wein, Wein nur du allein

WienWein, Corporate

Excellence squared

Evotec, Report

Opening new doors

Evotec, Report

The naked facts

Eva Olive Oil, Packaging

In nomine patres

Abbey Winery Pannohalma, Wine

Turning over a new leaf

Weingut Migsich, Wine

WWW for wine

Markowitsch, Corporate

An injection of humour

Themis, Corporate

Red carpet

Markowitsch, Wine

Handy solution

Johanna Markowitsch, Wine

Time for a shine

Klimesch, Corporate

Drink in the nostalgia

Roter Engel, Editorial


Hofer, Wine

New yet always there

Hannes Sabathi, Wine

Markowitsch, but even prettier

Markowitsch, Wine

Monastic abstinence?

Klosterkeller der Barmherzigen Brüder, Wine

Wine, full of airs and graces

Domaines Kilger, Packaging

Wide awake, it’s 2017!

Alvorada, Corporate

We are good

Wolf Theiss, Corporate

Think fresh

Agenda Austria, Report

If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Wine&Partners, Corporate

Say what you see!

Nagy, Corporate

Cosmetics for inner values

Biosfair, Packaging

Like father, like son

Josef & Philipp Bründlmayer, Wine

Com Alma!

The Portugal Collection, Corporate

How new is new?

Tement, Wine

The right accent

Max Reinhardt Seminar, Corporate

Back to the roots

Hannes Sabathi, Corporate

Back to the roots

Hannes Sabathi, Wine

Passion for detail

InterTwine, Editorial


IST Austria, Report

Hidden values

Evotec, Report

Castle kitchen treasures

Schloss Gobelsburg, Packaging

Burritos para todos!

Max & Benito, Corporate

The healing power of mother earth

Fangocur, Packaging

The most difficult client

Alessandri, Corporate

Immune to information overload

Themis, Corporate

Aristo de luxe

Batthyány, Packaging Wine

Straight to the source

Kurier, Corporate

Now in the lowlands

Skiwater, Packaging

Beautiful new world

WU Wien, Corporate

New and efficient

Evotec, Report

The rebel from the Côte de Provence

Château de Roquefort, Wine

Harmony for chopsticks

Shiki, Corporate

The vision of a sinologist

Groszer Wein, Wine

A force for the nation

RWA, Editorial

The Madeira connection

Barbeito Madeira, Wine

God bless the Englishman

Barbeito Madeira, Corporate

MDW reports

mdw, Editorial

A milestone for the future

IST Austria, Report

Elegant management consultancy

Renate Danler, Corporate

A man for all seasons

Amon's Catering, Corporate

Like a phoenix from the ashes

Château de Roquefort, Wine

Visionary urban planning

Quartier Belvedere, Editorial

Vinicultural architecture

Schloss Gobelsburg, Wine

In the beginning there was soup

Suppito, Corporate Packaging

Step by Step

Evotec, Report

The quarter of the future

Quartier Belvedere, Corporate

Die Rebellion begann in Marseille

Château de Roquefort, Corporate

A mosaic of aromas and colours

The Madeira Collection, Wine

What is RTR?

RTR, Report

Forget what you knew about sweet wine

Weingut Schröck, Wine

The takeaway uni

mdw, Packaging

Beautiful Capitalism

Erste Bank, Editorial

Around the World

Intercell, Report

Curative mud and other cosmetics

Fangocur, Packaging

Christmas cards, à la Evotec

Evotec, Corporate

Wine spirits in X-L-M-S

Gruber Röschitz, Corporate

What’s behind the dog’s head?

Wachter Wiesler, Wine

All about the overview

Vienna Convention Bureau, Editorial

Tradition for the National Library

Kulinarisches Erbe Österreich, Editorial

The man is the music

Lipkind Productions, Packaging

B2B with a smile

Intercell, Corporate

The wolf’s hill fetish

Domaine La Louvière, Wine

Ut in omnium glorificetur Deus

Stift Göttweig, Wine

Home is home

Grossmann Immobilien, Editorial

Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Domaine La Louvière, Wine

Modern day classic

Mobimenti, Corporate

Great location

Groszer Wein, Wine

The taste of memories

Kulinarisches Erbe Österreich, Editorial

Clarity for stakeholders

Evotec, Report

Post from Evotec

Evotec, Corporate

Rejuvenating a classic

Niepoort, Wine

Best in class

Allgemein, Editorial

The masterplan

WU Wien, Report

Vienna’s number one venue

Hofburg, Corporate

Greetings from Walt Whitman

Leaves of Grass, Wine

Remember the Roots

Intercell, Report

Dancing the night away

Hofburg, Corporate

The tangram game

Böhler Uddeholm, Report

Picture book wedding

Bilderbuch Hochzeit, Editorial

For the love of excellence

D&D Muhr – van der Niepoort, Wine

Loud and clear

Rosenbauer, Report

Vienna’s oldest baths

Sans Souci, Editorial

Water and salt flowing freely

Prinzgau/Podgorschek, Editorial

Ceci n’est pas un …

Intercell, Report

Shopping Kamasutra

Cosima Reif, Editorial

Grosze Wurst

Groszer Wein, Wine

An idyll on the Danube

Weingut Stadt Krems, Wine

Step inside

Intercell, Report

Blending is an art form

Barbeito Madeira, Wine

Hidden temptation

Wien Kultur, Editorial

Quality over quantity

Lackner Tinnacher, Corporate Wine

Celebrate in Baroque style

Sans Souci, Editorial

Making visions reality

Böhler Uddeholm, Report

The anatomy of our business

Intercell, Report

To the point

Radatz, Wine

Well placed

Intercell, Report

Aufgewacht, es ist 2017!

Alvorada, Packaging

Hands-on architecture

Erste Bank, Editorial

My house is my identity

Armin Huber, Wine

Evotec loves Sanofi

Evotec, Corporate

What the farmer eats

Schwarzbergerhof, Packaging